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Upcoming TELT Workshops and Sessions

11 March 2024 Posted in: Articles By: John Seamons

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TELT have workshops upcoming for

1- Gradebook

2- Mentimeter

3- Turnitin

1- Navigating the Gradebook (two parts)

Join us for an online session to learn more about the most-used menu items and functions of the Gradebook on QMplus. Discover tips to help you save time and get an overview of the key areas. This introductory session is open to all  users with teacher or admin access to QMplus , but it will be particularly beneficial to those who need to work with the Gradebook as part of their role.

The session topics were chosen following input from teaching and administration colleagues across QMUL. Each session will focus on different topics, and you are welcome to book on both.

Part 1: 8th May 10:30AM-11:15AM

  • Exploring some of the gradebook menu items including grade history, single view, summary report, user report.
  • Altering grades in the gradebook.
  • How to set up automatic color-coding in the gradebook, highlighting scores in green when the pass mark is achieved and in red when not achieved.

Part 2: 16th May 2:30PM-3:15PM

  • Creating and using custom scales for a module area.
  • Searching and filtering the gradebook.
  • Bulk messaging students who did not submit or have done poorly.

Further details / Booking:

For more details and to book on visit the CPD site  

2- Mentimeter

We are happy to announce there are two sessions scheduled for our interactive presentation software Mentimeter. These sessions will be delivered by experts from the software company itself. The first session is aimed for beginners and offers a great introduction to using the product. The second session is for more experienced users who are comfortable with the basics and wish to learn advanced features and content.

  • The first session is Basic training – Elevate student engagement with Mentimeter
    on Thursday April 11th 12:00 – 13:00
  • The second session for Advanced training – Elevate your interactive teaching approach with Mentimeter is on Thursday April 18th 15:00 – 16:00

Further details / Booking: For more details and booking please visit the CPD site

Course: Mentimeter – Workshops and Resources (

3- Understanding the Turnitin Similarity report

Join us for a 30-minute live online sessions where we will explore the similarity report in the Turnitin Feedback Studio. Come along to this session if you’re a newcomer to using the Turnitin Similarity Report or if you’re simply seeking a refresher on its features. We’ll look at:
1) What Turnitin is and what it can detect
2) Where Turnitin can be used in QMplus
3) How to use filters and flags to better understand the document
4) Best practices
Note that there will be an additional 15 minutes allocated at the end of the session for those who would like to stay for the Q&A.

Further details / Booking:

For more details and to book on visit the CPD site    

Final notes

Please book on or pass on to staff who may be interested

Many thanks for reading and hope to see you there

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