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Creating and marking assignments in QMplus

02 October 2014 14.00pm

E-Learning Studio, CAPD, Bancroft Building, Mile End

There are many ways in which you can assess your students using QMplus. The most commonly used assessment tool is, however, still the “assignment”. This is the tool which allows your students to upload their work, in the form of a file, to QMplus.

Since our summer upgrade, QMplus now only has two types of assignment, a standard QMplus assignment and a Turnitin assignment. Both come with a host of features which will help you in setting work for your students, collecting it, marking it and returning it to them with feedback.

In this session, participants will:

  • Learn about the differences between the two different types of assignment
  • See what it’s like to use the assignment tool from a student perspective
  • Learn about the different ways in which feedback can be provided to students including rubrics and grading forms
  • Find out how the tools can help in the marking process with features such as offline marking, grading workflow and bulk uploading of feedback
  • Discover how the assignment tool can be used to assess work which has no submission, such as a presentation or a performance
  • Experience how the assignment tool can be used with the Groups and Portfolios part of Qmplus

If you’d like to attend this session please use our online system to book yourself a place.

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