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Getting started with video in teaching with QMplus Media

17 June 2015 10.00am

E-Learning Studio, CAPD, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus

Videos provide a rich medium for teaching and can be used to create motivating and inclusive learning experiences. Videos can explain complex information to students and can also become a powerful expressive tool. We have recently launched a new service, called QMplus Media, which allows users to easily upload videos via QMplus.

This 2 hour session will introduce you to this exciting new service and show you the ways in which you can start using it to incorporate video into your teaching. By the end of the session you should be able to:

  • Upload a video file to QMplus Media
  • Embed your video in a QMplus course area
  • Record a video on a mobile device and upload it
  • Create a screen recording using a Google Chrome browser plugin
  • Be aware of how to ensure videos are copyright compliant

See our online booking system to book yourself a place.

Image credit Film camera by Victor Villamarin on Flickr

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