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Virtual Learning Environment Expo Conference

09 May 2022 09.30am

The Octagon, Queens Building
0930-1600 : Refreshments provided

The Future of Teaching and Learning Online
QMUL are undertaking a project to review Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) in a post-pandemic landscape, in line with the 2030 Strategy focusing on digital education.

The project will identify a roadmap to a recommendation for the future of a VLE, fit for purpose to enable Queen Mary’s 2030 Education Strategy. The roadmap may involve the replacement of QMplus, or its strategic upgrade and enhancement. This review will not replace QMplus.

Join us on Monday 9th May for an exciting opportunity to discuss, share and hear from technology leaders, vendors and EdTech experts, in a conference showcasing the best in educational technologies for teaching and learning.

Your ideas, views and opinions will be invaluable to this review, so please come and ask questions of the leading providers of VLEs, and learn about the future roadmaps for creating innovation for students and teachers in communication, engagement, assessment, and delivery of teaching online.

We will be gathering your feedback through surveys, panel discussions and Q&A sessions during the day, which will contribute to shaping the future landscape at QMUL. This is vital to ensure all your experiences, and the future of teaching and learning, meets your requirements in the roadmap towards innovative digital education.

Come and start the conversation.

Please register your attendance.

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