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Q-Review – Live Streaming FAQs

Q-Review, the lecture capture technology here at QMUL, enables users to live stream either from a laptop/PC as a software solution or from one of the Q-Review enabled rooms which has the capability. To find out how to access the Universal Capture software and stream from a laptop please take a look at our guidance here or should you wish to check which rooms have live streaming capabilities, please refer to the list of Q-Review enabled rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book live streaming via Q-Review, for one of the teaching rooms?

Please contact Q-Review Bookings to schedule any recordings or to enable live streaming for any existing scheduled Q-Review recording.

How do the students access the live streams?

Live streams need to be made available via ‘Q-Review sections’ which are accessible via the Q-Review tool in QMplus. To add the Q-Review tool, please take a look at this guide.

Can live streams be made accessible to users who don’t have access to QMplus?

Yes – the live stream would need to be published to a Q-Review section which can then be configured to be publicly accessible. It is important to ensure that numbers of attendees are manageable and that all appropriate copyright compliance is followed. Should you be using live streaming for teaching, it is best to control access via QMplus authentication being required however. To enable public access to live streams, access the instructor settings for the Q-Review section you wish to use & follow the steps below:

Can the audience ask questions and engage with me during the live stream?

Q-Review has a Q&A feature which can be enabled to allow interaction with those who aren’t in the room. You can also use tools such as Mentimeter. It can be challenging to manage a session where you have some people in the room and some elsewhere. You might consider asking another student to monitor the Q&A. You can also view the Q&A after the event and answer questions.

The instructor for a Q-Review section can enable Q&A via the ‘features’ option in the settings shown below: Polling questions can be added to presentations too, please take a look at the guidance material here.

How can I find out how many people viewed the live stream from QMUL vs external guests?

Please take a look at guidance on analytics for live streams.

Can I record and live stream at the same time?

Yes. The recording of a live stream will be available after the event in the same way as any other Q-Review recording.

What are the network and bandwidth requirements for live streaming using Universal Capture?

If you are live streaming from a Q-Review enabled teaching space, you do not need to worry about this. If you are live streaming from your own laptop using Universal Capture you will need:

  • Up to 2.0 Mbps for single-stream (audio/display or audio/video)
  • Up to 6.0 Mbps for dual-stream (audio/video/display)
  • Outbound UDP ports to be open

What best practice do you recommend to ensure the best possible live stream experience with Universal Capture?

  • Use a wired network connection instead of wireless if at all possible
  • Do a single-stream recording (Audio/Display or Audio/Video) instead of attempting video, audio and screen
  • Limit the usage of other potentially conflicting or intensive applications
  • Ensure your computer meets the generalĀ Universal Capture Specifications

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