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QMplus Hub – small release to fix outstanding bugs

5 October 2016 Posted in: News By: Alysa Bramble

On 18 October we will be carrying out a small release to QMplus Hub to fix some outstanding issues from the theme work undertaken as part of the summer upgrade of the underlying software (Mahara).

Please find below a summary of the issues contained within the fix:

  1. Homepage info icon incorrect colour – The icon on the header for the manual login on the logged out homepage is RED against a blue bg – this will change to white in the release.
  2. Files to download artefact issue – When you open a folder in the ‘files to download’ artefact you cannot see the ‘home’ link in the breadcrumb/file structure – this has been fixed
  3. Dark title text on popup for links – The title text on links is black and almost illegible in the main/default theme.- changed to white
  4. Re-adding the header styling for homepage cubes – allowing the ability to add a graphical cube (from the homepage) to the description area of the page.
  5. Reduce gaps in horizontal dropdown menu – top/bottom – 
  6. Threaded comments avatar issues – Avatars on user replies to comments on portfolio pages turn oval – this has been fixed.
  7. Confirm copying page from collection dialogue legibility – When a user decides to copy a portfolio page – the resultant dialogue box has an illegible heading ‘Confirm copying’ –  now changed to white text.
  8. Comments area padding on IE – The comments box on the bottom of the Portfolio page in IE 10 and 11 is butting up to the screen edge. – now fixed.
  9. Mouseover headings for attachments dark blue on journal entries – Where a journal is embedded on a page the heading for attachments goes dark blue on rollover and the heading is not visible.- this has been fixed headings are now white.
  10. Hide coloured mobile menu smartphone view – smartphone interface does not contain the graphical homepage help menu.
  11. Mouseover behaviour on Journal – When the first journal (primary journal) is clicked you can’t see the title due to the dark background. – Fixed title turns white on Mouseover
  12. Tooltips for top right menu so users no what each icon refers to on mouseover –  new feature
  13. Textfield gaps in mygroups – consistent gaps between textboxes in this area – now fixed
  14. Colour differentiation for group member requests – When group membership requests are pending the title hyperlink changes to orange…but it is very hard to see. – Now changed to a cream background.
  15. Space issues on pages –  some reduction in overall blank and unused space within the theme
  16. Month / Name overlap in date picker – The month /Name overlaps the forwards and backwards arrows in the date picker when sharing pages – This has been fixed.
  17. Background shading on forum posts – Background shading on forum posts is not there to differentiate the poster themselves from the message..there is just a whole lot of white space.- the shading has now been applied
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