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Upgrade to TurningPoint software in reading week

1 November 2018 Posted in: News By: Gill Ritchie

If you are using the TurningPoint audience voting system in your teaching this academic year we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the software on the computers in lecture theatres will be updated during reading week (the week beginning 6th November).

We will be moving to TurningPoint 8.5.4 which will fix an issue that some staff have been having with the results of polls not showing in PowerPoint. Your existing PowerPoint presentations will work in this updated version of TurningPoint, there is no action that you need to take. For those staff who were having to work around the issues with poll results displaying, this workaround should not be necessary after the software has been updated.

We do not intend to update the software again until just before the beginning of the next academic year.


If you rely on using the computer in a lecture theatre at any time, you should be aware of potential problems with different versions of TurningPoint. After the upgrade, 8.5.4 will be the officially supported version of TurningPoint at QMUL. If you create TurningPoint content in a version of the software newer than this, i.e. if you download the software from the TurningPoint website yourself, you may run into difficulties when trying to use this on lecture theatre computers which run an older version.

Further information about TurningPoint can be found in our Resources for TurningPoint Users area on QMplus.

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