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11 November 2021 Posted in: Tips Tagged: By: Annette Nembhard

Question 1: I have accidently deleted a Blackboard Collaborate session from QMplus. Can the recording be restored? 
Answer 1:  We can ask the support team at Blackboard Collaborate to search for the deleted recording. If the recording is found, it can be restored. Please raise a helpdesk ticket for support and include the following information: 
1.  The full name of the session, as it appeared on QMplus
2.  The date and time of the session
3.  A link to the Blackboard Collaborate activity or the Blackboard Collaborate external tool, depending on the version you are using

Question 2: A recent Zoom recording that I set to record to the cloud has not automatically transferred to my QMplus Media account. How can I fix this? 
Answer 2:  QMplus Media (Kaltura) experienced a technical problem between 31st October and 1st November which caused some Zoom recordings not to be imported. If you have recordings that have not been imported, you can download the recording from Zoom and follow the steps in this guide to manually upload to you My Media: Uploading a video to your My Media area 

Question 3: I am a new member of staff who is trying to log into QMplus. I see a message telling me that I do not have a Moodle account. How can this issue be resolved? 
Answer 3:  Please raise a helpdesk ticket for assistance, for the attention of the E-Learning Unit. 

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