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20 May 2022 Posted in: Tips By: Annette Muhammad

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked via The Helpdesk during the past month.

Question 1:  I am a member of staff, but I have been given the role of student in QMplus. Can you please fix this?

Answer 1:  Most QMplus roles are assigned at course level, not at category or system level. If you are completing a module that has allowed you to self-enrol, such as ‘Getting Started With QMplus’ or ‘Introducing Inclusion’, you will automatically be assigned the role of ‘student’ as you will not be managing the module. If you are teaching a module,  you will be given the “Teacher” role  in QMplus.

Question 2:  A student tells me that when they log in to QMplus they see the wrong landing page. Can this be changed?

Answer 2:  Yes, anyone can change their landing page by following the steps in this short video guide: How to change your landing page in QMplus. 

Question 3:  I am a teacher on a number of QMplus modules and I would like to use Turnitin.  How can I get access?

Answer 3:  Turnitin is available to instructors who have access to a QMplus module, as an option for detecting plagiarism in assignments and forums. If you wish to use Turnitin, simply create a standard assignment and then enable the service.

You may find the following guides helpful:

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