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Campus wide license for Mentimeter now available

27 August 2020 Posted in: Announcements, News Tagged: , By: E-Learning Unit

A campus wide license for Mentimeter is now available meaning all QMUL staff and students can sign up for an account. You do this by going to the QMUL sign up page and registering with your QMUL email. If you teach at QMUL but do not have a QMUL email, please contact us on

What is it?

Mentimeter is a web-based audience response system. It works via a web browser, there is no software needed. It can be a great way to inject some interactivity into your online sessions no matter what webinar software you are using. There are a variety of different question types available including:

  • Multiple choice – the choices can be text or images and the results can be visualised in a variety of ways
  • Word cloud – the audience responds with a word or two and their answers are visualised as a word cloud…good for spotting commonalities
  • Open ended – participants provide textual answers which can be visualised in a number of ways.

You can also create competitions with quizzes and gather information from your audience using a quick form.

By default your presentations are controlled by you, you determine what your audience can see and when they see it. However Mentimeter also has an audience-pace mode which allows you to create things like surveys which your audience can go through at their own pace.

Who needs a license?

Only the presenter needs a Mentimeter license, your audience does not need to have a license or log in to use the system. Students only need to register for a license if they want to use Mentimeter to create their own presentations and polls.

Find out more

You may find the following useful if you are new to Mentimeter:

Mentimeter is an easy to use system. The best place to look if you do need help is the resources section on the Mentimeter website. If you want to know more about Mentimeter at QMUL, please see the Mentimeter page on the E-Learning Unit website.

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