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Commonly Asked Support Questions (July-August 2014)

18 September 2014 Posted in: Articles Tagged: By: Technology Enhanced Learning Team

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked on the Helpdesk during the past two months.

Question 1: My course is finished and I’d like to change the course title from 2013/14 to 2014/15 and ensure that next years students get enrolled, what do I do?

Answer 1: If you have had no student activity in your course since QMplus was archived (on 14th July), we can ‘rollover’ the course for you, or an administrator within your school may be able to do this for you. You should raise a HelpDesk ticket on at with the module code and full title. Although we can carry out the rollover for you, we would advise that you approach the admin in your school as they have been appointed to carry out the rollover of the modules in their school. For more information on the QMplus rollover process, please visit:

Question 2: I have rolled over my course, but the course code is not available. What should I do? [School Administrators only]

Answer 2: If you cannot find the correct course code in the drop down, then you will need to enter the course id in the box provided below. The id should be entered in this format ‘RB101-A14’ – the course short name followed by the semester and year. If the wrong code is entered, then the wrong students will be enrolled.

Question 3: Do my students from the next academic year get enrolled onto my course automatically?

Answer 3: Not necessarily, as your school admin will need to enter the course id into the course settings so that your students can be enrolled onto your course. For more information, see the FAQ below.

Question 4: My student has submitted the wrong assignment, can you delete their submission and allow them to resubmit?

Answer 4: This is the responsibility of the course administrator; we do not do this. You can delete the student’s assignment from the submission inbox so they can resubmit. If it is a Turnitin Assignment, you can also submit on behalf of a student, see the FAQ below.

Question 5: There are new modules that will be taught this year, can they be created on QMplus?

Answer 5: Yes they can. We would advise that you contact the admin of the school who has the rights to create courses. Alternatively, you can raise a ticket for this request, please see below for more information.

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