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Issue reported: Staff unable to rename Tabs in QMplus

25 October 2022 Posted in: Articles, News Tagged: , By: Alysa Bramble

On Tuesday 25th October between 9 and 11pm (BST) we will be applying a partial fix for this issue.

We appreciate that this problem has caused a good deal of frustration and inconvenience and we can only apologise for this and thank you for your patience while we work towards a solution.

What is the problem?

Tab display at the top of a module area on QMplus There is currently an issue in QMplus which affects the naming of tabs in module areas. Sometimes when you attempt to rename a tab, you can enter a new name but when you turn editing off, the tab reverts to its previous name.

We have been working over the past few weeks to try to fix this problem however it has proven to be difficult to rectify. We now have a solution which will cause a minimum of disruption to users.

What will be fixed on 25th October?

The fix we are applying on the 25th October will allow users to rename tabs, as long as those tabs do not have an “i” on them.

We are aware of two issues with these “i” tabs:

  1. It is not possible to rename them
  2. The “i” sometimes appears when it shouldn’t in particular when only some of the content in the tab is hidden from students

Unfortunately we were not able to address these issues in this fix.

What happens next?

We will move on to fixing the other issues with tabs and hope to have a fix as soon as we can.

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