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Assessment and feedback

exam-chairs1Assessment and feedback are essential activities in student learning and there are many e-learning tools available to assist staff in this area.

Here we focus mainly on tools for assessment and feedback which are available within QMplus, the university’s online learning environment. However, there are several other tools outside of QMplus which can be used to assess student learning – such as audience response systems.

What tools are available?

Online Assessment

Assessment can be diagnostic, formative or summative.

Diagnostic testing is typically used before the learning takes place and formative testing is used to give  feedback – this type of testing can be used to help the teacher to identify any gaps in learning and also help students to identify areas where they need to improve. Diagnostic and formative testing do not normally carry a heavy weight in the students grade and as such there are many activities within QMplus which can be used to assess students this way.

The most common tools used in QMplus for assessment are:

  1. The assignment activity, and
  2.  The quiz activity

The assignment activity within QMplus can be optionally used in conjunction with Turnitin, which is used to assist with detecting signs of plagiarism, but can also be used to educate students and assist with improving their coursework citation. The assignment activity in QMplus is used for both summative and formative assessment. For more help with the assignment and quiz tools, please visit the help and support pages.

There are also other QMplus activities that are used for diagnostic and formative assessment, such as:

  1. Discussion forums – The teacher can set up a Q&A forum where they post a question (or a video or an image) and get students to make comments or post answers. Forums can also be set up so that students can’t see what someone else has posted until they have added their own post to the discussion; or students can grade or comment on someone else’s post as part of their assessment.
  2. Choice activity
  3. Wikis and blogs
  4. Glossary
  5. E-portfolios

These tools are also handy in allowing for student collaboration. See the section on Student Collaboration for more information on these tools.

Online Feedback

QMplus allows for feedback to be given as text, audio or video and also allows teacher to make comments online.

Useful resources

Assessment and feedback guides:

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