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Recording Booths

Mile End Recording Booth

The recording booths will sadly no longer be part of the TELT service offering from the 26th of February 2024. Due to the advances in self-recording technologies such as Universal Capture, and Kaltura Capture, along with Zoom and Teams, there has been a steady decline in the use of both video booths.

The Mile Video Booth in the iQ East building will be decommissioned and the space released for office use.

The Whitechapel Video Booth, in the Garrod Building basement, has been handed over to the Digital Education Studio within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. For enquiries regarding the Whitechapel Booth please contact

For further information and guidance for recording your own videos please see our Hints and Tips for recording at home. We will also from time to time run workshops for creating videos for teaching.



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