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Designing Quizzes in QMplus

14 May 2018 11.00am

E-Learning Studio, Scape East, Mile End Campus

Online quizzes in QMplus can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used at the start of a module or prior to a session to promote engagement with the topic and identify prior knowledge and skills gaps for individuals and cohorts in order to personalise learning and meet individual needs. From a summative perspective they are an efficient way of judging a student’s knowledge and skills and when used in formative assessment, they offer an opportunity to learn actively rather than simply by taking information in passively and to take responsibility for one’s own learning.

Quizzes can be self-marking in many cases to save your time and QMplus allows for varied question types and flexible answer options and mark allocation systems. Approaches such as certainty based marking can be used to avoid the problem of lucky guesses in multiple choice questions, and feedback can be as simple or detailed as you wish and even refer those making wrong answers to suitable sources of support, either on QMplus or elsewhere.

This course consists of a two hour workshop session. During the session, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify key differences in summative and formative online feedback and consider their use in your own teaching
  • See examples of a variety of different question types
  • Start building their own quiz
  • Experience these quizzes from the students’ perspective

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