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E-portfolios, group work and networking with QMplus Hub

28 May 2015 14.00pm

E-Learning Studio, CAPD, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus

QMplus Groups and Portfolios is the part of QMplus which provides online support for e-portfolios, group working and networking. On June 16th we are upgrading the system and renaming it QMplus Hub. The upgrade will introduce a number of exciting new features, improvements to usability and an improved look and feel.

This two hour session will give you an both an introduction to QMplus Hub and a preview of some of the new features that are coming.

Come and find out how to:

  1. Create and maintain your QMplus Hub profile page and share it with QMUL colleagues and beyond
  2. Set up and manage an online group allowing you to connect and work with others in QMUL. Use the group to work on a project or share a common interest
  3. Use QMplus Hub to create web pages which can be shared with anyone you like
  4. Use the create, curate, share principles behind e-portfolios either to build your own portfolio or to encourage your students to develop theirs

This session is suitable for any member of staff who is interested in finding out what QMplus Hub has to offer. There are a myriad of different uses for the system so come along and find out more.

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