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The E-Learning Practitioner Group has now been retired

Several years ago, we set up the E-Learning Practitioner Group on QMplus Hub as a place for staff across the university to share their e-learning experiences. A lot has happened over the years and we have discovered that the group is no longer required.

There are now a variety of different ways in which you can find out about what is happening, both in your own department and across the university. We are actively involved in some of these, but there are also groups run in departments themselves.

If you are interested in getting involved and keeping in touch, here are some of the ways you can do this:

  • Sign up for our E-Learning Newsletter – sent out once a month, it contains all the latest news and announcements from the E-Learning Unit, case studies by staff across the university, information about staff development opportunities, hints and tips and more.
  • Join our Learning Technologists Group – aimed at staff who are responsible for e-learning within their department, the group has a Team in Microsoft Teams. We have a Teams meeting once a month. The Learning Technologists Group are also the first to know about new developments in technologies provided by QMUL and play an active role in testing and feeding back on developments.
  • Find out about the E-Learning User Group in your faculty – there is a an E-Learning User Group (ELUG) for each faculty, including Professional Services. These groups meet around 4 times a year and they feed in to the university-wide E-Learning Steering Group. Although representatives of the E-Learning Unit attend these meeetings, they are run by the faculties themselves with the agendas being set by them. Find out who sits on your faculty user group.
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