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Faculty User Groups

The four user groups (HSS, S&E, SMD and Professional Services) meet termly to consider e-learning issues and priorities across e-learning at the faculty/professional services level.

Information brought to the groups comes from a variety of sources:

  • Service review summaries
  • Road maps and upcoming changes
  • Current Faculty issues and priorities

These groups report to the University-wide E-Learning Steering Group.

The groups

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
    Chair: Christina Perry
    Secretary: June Ryde
  • Science and Engineering
    Chair: Dr Jon Hays
    Secretary: Kriss Atkin
  • Medicine and Dentistry
    Chair: Dr. Heidrun Bien
  • Professional Services
    Chair: Martin Beeson

If you would like to represent your school or institute on the relevant group, then please contact the chair or secretary directly.


  • Dean for TP (chair)
  • An academic representative from each School
  • An e-learning representative from each School, or where there is no e-learning specialist, an administrative representative
  • A member of the E-Learning Unit
  • Faculty Relationship Manager, IT Services
  • Faculty / School student representative(s)

Terms of Reference

  • To review the use of e-learning and innovations within the faculty
  • To identify faculty priorities and request enhancements to e-learning provision
  • To act as an expert group to review developments and new proposals in the area of e-learning
  • To foster effective communications between the E-Learning Unit and the Schools
  • To help promote shared knowledge and good practice in the use of e-learning within the faculty
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