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Governance Model

E-Learning governance is formally provided by the e-learning steering group and the four e-learning user groups, which each meet three times per year.  To ensure e-learning developments follow consultation at the appropriate level, the following governance model complements the steering and user groups.  It refers to the following initiatives which together provide an opportunity for QM staff and students at any level to shape the direction e-learning takes:

Governance Model for E-Learning at QMUL

Governance Model for E-Learning at QMUL

Service Review Groups

IT Services contribute enormously to the effective running and development of the majority of learning applications, particularly QMplus and Q-Review.   Service Review meetings occur monthly and ensure that close communication between the two areas is maintained.  Specifically, they enable the E-Learning Unit to:

  • review the service delivered by ITS in terms of performance, availability and support;
  • review and prioritise issues and enhancements on a monthly basis;
  • alert ITS to future peaks or troughs in demand to ensure a robust service;
  • provide upward reporting to E-Learning User Groups.

Learning Technologist Group

This is an informal group to support individuals who manage e-learning in their own area of QMUL. The purpose is to build a community of e-learning specialists who can share good practice and knowledge from across the institution and connect those outside of the ELU with learning technology colleagues. It is also an experts group to propose and evaluate new technologies which may have relevance in some areas of the college and to trial developments in existing applications.

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