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Staff Courses – Nov/Dec 2013

8 November 2013 Posted in: News Tagged: , , By: Alysa Bramble

The 2013/14 schedule of courses from the E-Learning Development Programme is available on Queen Mary’s Course Bookings website. This year there are plenty of opportunities for new starters as well as a wider programme of training for those keen to enhance their teaching with technology. You’ll be able to see the full list of courses we’re offering during 2013/14 by visiting  Queen Mary’s Course Bookings site and selecting the date range that you are interested in, so you can start planning your professional development.

If you don’t see a course listed that covers what you want to know or if you would like us to offer a bespoke session for 4-8 staff members, please email:

Alternatively, you can join us at a staff E-Learning drop-in session.

Click on course title links for more information and to register for these courses:


This practical workshop will introduce you to QMUL’s Online Learning Environment – QMplus. We’ll briefly examine the purpose of a VLE, provide an overview of QMplus and its most commonly used tools, and focus on the practical use of the system necessary to get started with using the site. There will be plenty of hands-on experience to ensure you are confident to set up or edit a module area, add users to it or organise submission and grading or assignments. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss how these ideas can be adapted to suit your own requirements.


Quizzes are one of the online activities that students are most enthusiastic about. They can be used at the start of a module or prior to a session to promote engagement with the topic and identify prior knowledge and skills gaps for individuals and cohorts in order to personalise learning and meet individual needs. From a summative perspective they are an efficient way of judging a student’s knowledge and skills and when used in formative assessment, they offer an opportunity to learn actively rather than simply by taking information in passively and to take responsibility for one’s own learning.


The Groups and portfolios element of QMplus provides an opportunity for all enrolled to use the site in a more flexible way than is the within the module areas. It allows the capability for individuals (both students and staff) or collaborative groups to store a bank of personal multimedia resources, organise these simply into clear, attractive webpages, including journal entries or a resume, which may be grouped into collections or portfolios and kept privately, shared with others or exported for future use. Portfolios created in this way may be uploaded to course areas of QMplus for grading.


The QMplus Gradebook can be used to record assessed activities to identify students who are falling behind or identify topics where extra input could benefit the whole group. Grade data can be handled to suit various grading systems so setting it up effectively saves time when final grades are calculated and made available to your students.


When planning a lecture there are many technology tools you can use to support the students attending and enhance their understanding of the topic. From using visual aids to introducing interactivity and making use of Clickers, there are many ways to capture attention and make sure key information is understood and remembered. This course consists of a two hour workshop session.

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