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17 October 2022 Posted in: Tips By: Danielle Mangal

Question 1: What should I do for my lectures to be recorded using Q-Review? (Staff only)

 Answer 1: First, check that your teaching room is Q-Review enabled by visiting our Q-Review Enabled rooms page. Once you have confirmed this, make your recording request via the bookings team by sending an email to with the following information:

  • Where and when your event will be taking place
  • The time you need to record and duration (add time to allow for an early start or late finish).
  • How often you will need the recording scheduled for (Is it a one-time or recurring event?)
  • What the name of the module is, if applicable
  • Who requires editing access

For more information on Q-Review recording you please visit the Q-Review support page

Question 2: How do I modify the core module information block? (Staff only)

Answer 2: You will need to turn editing on by clicking the pencil icon in the top right of your course page. Then access the settings for the module info block by clicking the little gear icon on the block itself.

Please see our guide for more information: Course creation and Settings: Displaying important information with the module info block

Question 3: How do I ensure all students enrolled on my course receive forum notifications? (Staff only)

Answer 3: You will need to access the forum settings, then find ‘Subscription and tracking’ and set the Subscription mode to ‘Forced subscription’. This will ensure students receive the notifications from that particular forum. If this is needed for multiple forums, this must be done individually.

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