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23 February 2023 Posted in: Tips By: Danielle Mangal

Question 1 (Staff): My lecture was recorded by Q-Review but the output is not right (for example, the recording displays only a view of the room but does not show the slides as needed). What do I do?

Answer 1: In the first instance please contact the Q-Review Bookings team for them to confirm the correct output method/s have been selected for the scheduled recordings. If they confirm this is correct, please contact the helpdesk team.

Question 2: A course is missing from my timetable, can you fix this?

Answer 2: For all timetable queries, concerns or requests please contact the Timetabling Team via 

Question 3: I can’t see my assignment similarity report from Turnitin.

Answer 3: In the first instance, please confirm with the course administrator if the ability for students to see the score is permitted for this assignment. If they confirm this should be visible to you, please reach out to your QMPlus Local School Contact or the helpdesk team.

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