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11 October 2021 Posted in: Tips Tagged: By: Annette Nembhard

Question 1: I cannot log into the 2016/17 and 2017/18 QMplus archive sites, even though I’m using my usual QM username and password. 
Answer 1:  We have made some changes to the way we access the 2016/17 and 2017/18 archive sites. These sites now require each user to have a separate manual QMplus account to access the content. Users should raise a helpdesk ticket to request a manual account.  All other archive sites will continue to use QM usernames and passwords.


Question 2: I would like to upload one of my old QMplus Media/Kaltura recording to my QMplus module area. Before doing this, I need to edit the recording, but I do not have access to make changes. 
Answer 2:  As outlined in our Data Retention Policy, owners will lose editing access to Kaltura/QMplus Media videos that are over 15 months old. You can still publish your videos, and playback will not be affected.  Click here to find out more about the Data Retention Policy and how you can download the original video for editing.


Question 3: How can I give someone access to my course?
Answer 3: If you have one of the following roles on a QMplus module, you can enrol other users:  Administrator, Course Administrator, Programme Administrator or Teacher.

For details of how to do this, please see our How can I give people access to my course? guide. 


Question 4: An enrolment mapping has been added to my QMplus module area. How long will it take for the automated SITS enrolments to be added? 
Answer 4:  Enrolments are normally processed within 24 hours of a mapping being added to a QMplus module area. If you would like students to have access to your module sooner, you can manually enrol students by following the steps in this guide: How can I give people access to my course? 

Once the automated enrolment has been processed, you can remove the manual enrolment.

Question 5: 
I can’t see my students on QMplus Hub to add them to groups, how can I find them?
Answer 5:  Your students will become available in QMplus Hub once they have accessed QMplus Hub for the first time.

Question 6: Some of my students are seeing the wrong landing page when they log into QMplus. Can you please change the landing page?

Answer 6:  Users can change their QMplus landing page by following the quick steps in this guide: How to change your landing page in QMplus.


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