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26 January 2022 Posted in: Tips By: Annette Nembhard

Question 1: How can I give someone access to my course?
Answer 1:  If you are an Administrator, Course Administrator or Teacher on a QMplus course area, you can enrol others onto your course area. For details on how to do this please see our guide that explains how you can give people access to your course.


Question 2: My students cannot see their grades and feedback. How can this be resolved?Answer 2: There are several possible reasons why students are unable to see their grades and feedback, for example the assignment may be hidden in the course area or in the grader report.  For more information, please watch our short video guide.

Question 3: I cannot see my students on QMplus Hub to add them to groups. Why are they missing?
Answer 3:  Once students have an account on QMplus, their QMplus hub account will automatically be created when they first access the site. You will then be able to add students to your groups. 

Question 4: I would like to create surveys using the Online Surveys software.  How can I get access?
Answer 4: If you would like an account created for Online Surveys, please raise a helpdesk ticket.  

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