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Not just a name…now a number

28 April 2015 Posted in: Tips Tagged: , By: Alysa Bramble

Student ID numbers have been added to QMplus making it easier for you to be able to locate the correct student in your course areas. You’ll now see this number on various screens within QMplus, such as in the grade book and on the enrolment screens.

On the enrolment screen, you can now sort the list of enrolled users by ID number, or you can do a search by ID number. Similarly, in the grade book you can now sort grades by ID number also.

student ID

This is a welcome enhancement to QMplus, especially as some students have similar names and you want to be sure you are enrolling the right student on to your course area, or giving the right student their feedback. Staff numbers are now also visible as well.

Image Credit: ‘The number of them’ by Brian Talbot on Flickr

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