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Online grades and feedback for offline activities

19 October 2015 Posted in: Tips Tagged: , , By: Gill Ritchie

Not everything that students do is an activity on QMplus. They may have to give a presentation, or a performance of some kind, it may even be that they have to submit their work on paper for whatever reason. Clearly in these cases there isn’t an easy way of submitting their work to QMplus*. However, it is possible to provide grades and feedback for these types of activity via QMplus through the use of the standard assignment activity. You can configure the assignment activity in the usual way with instructions and a due date and then set it so that the students don’t actually have to submit anything.

The advantages of doing this are:

  • For students – they will see the assignment in the same way they see standard "online" assignments. They will see the assignment due date in their calendar and will receive reminders in the usual places, such as their dashboard. Once the activity has been graded, they will also be able to see their grades and/or feedback for the activity on QMplus.
  • For staff – You will be able to use many of the standard tools for providing grades and feedback including the grading workflow, offline grading worksheet, grading forms and rubrics and feedback files. You will also have an online record of the grades and feedback provided for the activity.

See our guide on Providing grades and feedback for offline activities for details on how to set up an offline assignment.

*You could be more creative with what you get the students to sumit electronically e.g. a scan of a document or a video of their performance. But that’s another tip.

Photo credit: Innovation School on Flickr

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