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Preparing your course

23 September 2013 Posted in: Uncategorized By: Technology Enhanced Learning Team

Preparing your course for the new academic year

As you know we have gone through the ‘Rollover’¬†process which involved removing old data from QMplus (from 2012/13) and creating a fresh course area for the new academic year (2013/14). If you haven’t scheduled a Rollover for your course then please do that by following the steps here, if you have then please read below before you start teaching.

Make sure that ¬†–

1. you can successfully log into QMplus and see your course(s)

2. you have added the necessary teaching and learning contents to the course area and modified the ‘Topic 0’ contents.

3. your course has the correct course id, you can check this by clicking on ‘Settings’ -> ‘Edit Settings’ -> ‘Course ID number’. This is what links your course to SITS and other college systems, students won’t be added to your course unless you have correct id in QMplus.

4. your course is available/visible to students, you can check this by going to this FAQ

If you have any questions or queries then please go to Web Helpdesk and raise a Ticket, we will respond to you as soon as we can.


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