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Q-Review – Ensuring your lecture is being captured

23 January 2023 Posted in: Uncategorized By: Simon Durrant

Q-Review is now available in 137 rooms across the University Campuses.

To ensure that your lecture is captured we advise that you check the teaching PC in the room is switched on whether you are using it or not for teaching.

Q-Review Indicator Light

Q-Review Indicator Light

The teaching PC controls the Recording Indicator light, which indicates when a lecture is being captured. In some of the rooms, the PC also captures the lecture, so it’s essential it is switched on. You don’t need to log in for the capture software to run.

Although every technical effort is being made to ensure the PCs stay running sometimes they do get inadvertently shut down by previous users of the room.


Please remember to log out of the PC after a lecture or teaching session rather than shut it down so no lecture captures are missed.

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