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Q-Review Upgrade

19 July 2017 Posted in: Announcements, News By: Technology Enhanced Learning Team

This page contains information about the Q-Review migration from the old Echo Streaming Server (ESS) to the new cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) and Active Learning Platform (ALP) solution.

The Q-Review lecture recording system was upgraded during the week of  7th August 2017 to the new cloud based SaaS solution. There was a disruption to normal service – with no new Q-Review recordings possible during this time, although staff and students were still be able to view existing recordings.

Q-Review Upgrade: New guides:

  1. How do I connect my Q-Review recordings to QMplus (2017)?
  2. How do I link my Q-Review Recordings after rollover? (2017)
  3. How do I login to Q-Review? (2017)

More guides coming soon….

The new Q-Review interface will boast an abundance of new features, such as:

Simplified sharing of lecture captures between different courses and users

  • Allowing instructors to give copying and editing access to colleagues via an email invite.
  • Allowing instructors to share content with students via an email invite.
  • Instructors can choose when content is made available and unavailable, in an automated way.
  • Recordings can be easily published to multiple courses.
  • Recordings can be made available, centrally, via multiple links or embed codes – with the option to enable/disable authentication being required for each.


Ability to upload and package learning materials together with the Q-Review recordings

  • It will be possible to create classes in which videos and course material can be uploaded.
  • These additional classes can be inserted in line with the other content, rather than displayed by the ‘publish date.’
  • Instructors can retrieve any materials from these classes, with the content being downloadable in it’s original format.


Engagement Analytics

  • Student interaction with the recordings and materials can be reviewed, with it being possible to set up metrics to analyse their engagement with the content.
  • Engagement features can be turned on or off, as the instructor wishes.
  • Engagement metrics include: video views, questions asked, activity participation, online attendance, presentation views and the word count from lecture notes taken.
  • Ability to highlight students in need of possible assistance
  • Ability to flag areas of lectures which the students need further assistance with.


Lecture Tools, such as:

  • Q&A and discussion groups
  • Live question polling in PowerPoint presentations
  • Lecture note taking
  • Ability for students to flag confusing content
  • Ability for students to bookmark content


Simplified navigation

  • Navigation between courses is much simpler, for both staff and students.
  • Improvements made to the presentation editor, to simplify making edits.



Archived content:

What to expect during the upgrade – for the week commencing the 7th of August

The upgrade requires the existing Q-Review appliances to be reconfigured and a VLAN set-up. This will require a short period of down-time when new recordings cannot be created, but existing recordings will still be viewable. We anticipate the downtime to be approximately 1 week in duration, however this could overrun by a couple of days should there be any technical difficulties encountered.

There are a number of workarounds available to record your lecture should you need to do so – such as using screencasting software, CaptureSpace, or using Q-Review Personal Capture on a laptop (although you will need to delay publishing the recording to the Q-Review servers until the new system is up and running). Although remember that students and staff will still be able to view any existing recordings.


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