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23 March 2022 Posted in: Tips Tagged: By: Annette Nembhard

Question 1: How do I access Q-Review?
Answer 1:As a member of staff, you can log into the Q-Review system by following the steps in this guide: ‘How do I login to Q-Review?  Details on how students can access recordings can be found in this guide: ‘How do I access recordings of my lectures?’


Question 2: How can I set up an assignment that allows students to submit videos?
Answer 2:  Setting up a video assignment is very similar to setting up any assignment with just a few different options being selected. Find out more in this guide: Creating and marking a video assignment.


Question 3: How can I setup or remove RSS news feeds?
Answer 3: To setup an RSS news feed a ‘Remote RSS Feeds’ information block needs to be created and configured. Details on how to do this can be found in this guide on ‘Pulling in external content with an RSS Feed’. This guide will instruct users on how to edit/remove existing news feeds.

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