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Commonly Asked Support Questions (June 2014)

21 July 2014 Posted in: Articles Tagged: By: Rume Begum

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked on the Helpdesk during the past month.

Question 1: I would like a new QMplus course page created for a course. What information do I need to provide?

Answer 1: You will need to provide us details of the course and who should be enrolled as teachers. See our FAQ for more details.

Question 2: We have a new member of staff joining us. Can you give them access to QMplus?

Answer 2: Yes we can. You will need to provide us with three details of the user: full name, department and user email.

Question 3: Can I have the list of students/staff enrolled onto my course?

Answer 3: When you have a large list of users to enrol we use a process called bulk uploading of users. Again, this can be found on our FAQ: How do I bulk enrol users onto a module.

Question 4: Can the following staff have access to my course area?

Answer 4: Sure, if you are enrolled as a teacher or course leader on the preferred course you should be able to enrol the user(s) onto the course area yourself. For more information, please see: How can I give people access to my course?.

Question 5: My course has finished, how do I re-start my QMplus course for the next set of students?

A rollover block will become available for QMplus administrators one week after the upgrade and they can schedule a suitable date for the course to be rolled over. For more information, visit our website:


There are many other frequently asked questions that may be useful to you. Visit our website.

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