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25 September 2019 Posted in: Articles By: Rume Begum

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked via The Helpdesk during the past month.

Question 1: I am unable to see the content under Topic 0. Can you make it visible again? 

Answer 2: This is a known issue which is affecting some users of QMplus. It was caused by an early version of the new functionality to collapse all topics using Alt +Click and only affects users who have used it. The new version will not cause it.

For where it has happened, affected users need to:

  1. Un-collapse ALL topics to reveal the hidden topic 0 again
  2. Collpase all topics to reval in which case topic 0 should remain un-collpased

If the workaround above does not fix the issue, please raise a HelpDesk ticket.

Question 2: There are no students enrolled on my course and I start teaching next week. Can you help?

Answer 2: Yes, we can. Your student may be enrolled on the course using one of the methods described below so you will need to make the necessary checks for the type of method used.

  • SITS enrolment – Check the course ID for the course has been entered correctly.
  • Course mapping – Check the correct mapping has been created for the course. You can check the list of mappings by adding the course mappings block to the course. This request will need to be sent to your School Administrator who can add new mappings for you.
  • Manual enrolment – Check you have enrolled them onto your course. You may wish to use the bulk enrolment method.

Question 3: How do I set up the q-review recordings for this academic year? I can only see recordings from the previous year.

Answer 3: To set up the link for the recording this year, please follow the instructions provided in the guide here.

Question 4: I cannot edit the course mappings for my course. Can you help?

Answer 4: The course mappings can only be edited by the appointed School Administrator, please contact them if you would like to make any changes to any existing mappings or would like to create a new mapping.

Question 5: I will be teaching a new course this year and it is currently available on QMplus however I cannot see it on the SITS system. Can you add it to the system please?

Answer 5: Unfortunately, we cannot add the course to the SITS system and you will need to raise it directly with the SITS team.

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