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Commonly Asked Support Questions (March-April 2015)

30 April 2015 Posted in: Articles Tagged: By: Rume Begum

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked on the Helpdesk during the past two months.

Question 1: Can I see the enrolment mapping details for my module?

Answer 1: Yes, you can. Users with course administrator or teacher access can now see any course mapping that has been set up for their course. To see this information, you will need to add the ‘Course Mapping’ block. For more information, see our course mapping guide in the Help and Support section.

Question 2: I have a resit student who requires access to a module within the 2013/14 archive. Can they be given access please?

Answer 2: Yes, they can be given access. Raise a Helpdesk ticket requesting access for the student. Remember to give the student’s full name and the name of the module that they need access to.

Question 3: Can you create a Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) account for my colleague/student?

Answer 3: Yes, we can. Ask the user to raise a Helpdesk ticket requesting an account to be created for them. If you raise a ticket on someone’s behalf, please ensure you include their QMUL email address and full name in the ticket.

Question 4: Is there an easy way to set up groups in my QMplus course area?

Answer 4: If you have course administrator or teacher access to the course area, you can use the bulk enrolment feature to set up groups. For more information, see our How to bulk upload users onto courses guide in the Help and Support section.

Question 5: I’m running a session and I’d like to record it, is that possible?

Answer 5: First you’ll need to find out whether the room you’re using has the Q-Review lecture capture system in it. You can do this by going to our Q-Review enabled rooms page.

If the room has Q-Review installed, you can schedule a recording by filling in the Q-Review booking form on our website.

If the room doesn’t have Q-Review, you might want to try changing to a room that does, or you might consider using the Q-Review personal capture software on a laptop. See our guide to using personal capture in our Help and Support section.

You can find more frequently asked questions for each of our learning applications in the Help and Support section of our website.

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