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Assessment and Feedback

Each module area on QMplus should include:

  1. Coursework assignments, whether as activities built into QMplus or web pages or documents embedded in it.
  2. For each assessment, the following should be clear to students:
    1. What it is they need to do
    2. How to submit their work including what they need to include, any file naming conventions they should adhere to and details of what format submitted files should be in
    3. What the deadlines are
    4. Penalties and details of how to apply for extenuating circumstances
    5. What the marking criteria are
    6. For summative assessment, what the weighting of the assessment is, what it contributes to the module total
    7. When they can expect to receive their grades and feedback
    8. The content of the Cover Note provided by the Disability & Dyslexia Service to students with specific learning difficulties (SpLDs)
  3. Wherever possible, grades and feedback on assignments should be provided through QMplus.

The assessment information block

To make it easier for students to find information about their assessments we have developed the assessment information block. This block keeps information about assessed activities in one place, making it easy for students to find. It is easy for staff to set up.

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