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Q-Review is our institutional lecture recording system. It is installed in a large number of rooms across all our campuses. By default Q-Review will record the input from the camera in the teaching space, whatever is being projected onto the screen and audio from the built-in microphones or wireless microphones available in our larger teaching spaces.

  1. Every module with a lecture that takes place in a Q-Review enabled room will be recorded, unless the session has been opted-out either at an individual or departmental level.
  2. Q-Review recordings will be made available to students via QMplus in a timely manner with particular regard for disabled students who may have additional rights in this respect. See the Policy on recording taught sessions document published by the Disability and Dyslexia Service for more information
  3. Where no Q-Review recording has been made for a lecture or the release of a recording is delayed (e.g. made available in revision week), an explanation should be provided for students.
  4. Seek advice from Disability and Dyslexia services on how to provide closed captioning for students who have declared a disability and would benefit from closed captions.

The Q-Review system provides students with more than just access to lecture recordings, it provides features such as notetaking and bookmarking and also allows for access via mobile devices using the Echo360 app. It is also possible to livestream from Q-Review enabled rooms allowing those who can’t be physically present to join in remotely.

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