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E-learning Tools for Students

20 September 2018 Posted in: Articles By: Alysa Bramble

elearning toolsAt Queen Mary we have lots of different tools that can help you with your learning. Here are a selection of our top tools:

    1. Can’t find your module? Navigating QMplus
      Your Dashboard in QMplus is accessible wherever you are..this is where you can find all your modules. You can also access the 5 most recently accessed modules from the dropdown menu in the QMplus header.
      Watch the ‘My Modules’  Video tutorial to find out more or Watch the Searching for QMplus module areas
    2. Gradesplus – find all your grades in one page
      There is a dedicated area in QMplus where you can get an overview of all your grades and feedback in all the assessment you have completed in QMplus – This is the Gradesplus area. Find out more about Gradesplus and how it works in our Gradesplus Guide .
    3. Get your timetable for today by adding widgets
      Personalise your QMplus experience by adding widgets to your flydown dashboard. There are 5 widgets currently available including a new Timetable widget where you can see your timetable for today! Use the Assignments widget to find out when your next assignment is due!. Watch our video about how to use widgets in QMplus.
    4. Pinning modules – how and why?
      Got an important module? Added it to your pinned modules and it will always appear on top on your flydown dashboard. You can pin your modules by simply clicking on the pin to the left of your module name in the ‘my modules list’ or the pin icon within a module (next to the content tag) . These modules will appear under your pinned modules whenever you log in! To unpin simply click on the pin again.
    5. Get key information from your School landing page.
      Underneath your flydown dashboard is your school landing page. This should contain useful links to all sorts of content in QMplus. Click the dashboard icon top right to reveal your landing page! Make sure you see the right one by following this choosing a landing page guide.
    6. Navigating QMplus
      As a student one of the key things you need to know is how to navigate around QMplus. Watch our guide to navigating QMplus video.
    7. How to update your profile and preferences
      Add a short bio of yourself and upload a picture, change how the flydown dashboard works and modify your landing page. Find out more on how to update your profile and preferences or personalise your QMplus.
    8. To do lists in QMplus – bookmarking your homework
      You can easily bookmark activities and resources in QMplus and save them to your To-do list. Once added you can view the whole list from the ‘to-do’ icon in the QMplus header or add the To-do list widget to your dashboard to access your stuff quickly. Find out more using this guide to bookmarking and to-do lists.
    9. Setting up groups in QMplus Hub
      It is really easy to set up a group to use for a project or anything else where you want to in QMplus Hub our e-portfolio software, you can then share files, blogs, webpages and have discussions. Find out more about how to set up a group in QMplus Hub.
    10. Watching your Q-Review lectures
      Can’t find the recordings of your lectures? You should be able to see a link at teh top of your module/course area if you can’t then have a look at our Guide to accessing your Q-Review recording
    11. Doing a Skills review and viewing the results
      The Skills Review is an online survey, based on a Competency Framework.  The Skills Review is designed to take a snapshot of your progress against 4 key themes. You can complete a set of questions that highlight aspects of your Skills. Find out more about how to complete a skills review and view the results
    12. BOB accessing free to air TV clips
      Box of Broadcasts, or BoB for short, is an on demand TV and radio service for education. The system allows you to record programmes from over 60 free-to-air channels, both TV and radio, and search an archive of over 2 million broadcasts. Content can be accessed online both on and off campus within the UK. Find out more in our Introduction to Box of Broadcasts
       read our set of BoB user guides (click the student tab).
    13. Taking notes as you watch your lecture
      Our Q-Review service has a note-taking capability, you can make notes as you watch directly in Q-Review. Find out more about taking notes in Q-Review.
    14. Text to speech and other accessibility tools
      Have a look at our accessibility toolbar (under the QMUL logo in the footer of QMplus) You can get highlighted text read to you or change the way QMplus pages look. (please note a couple of the features e.g. the dictionary are currently not working and we are looking into this.

If you haven’t done so already, remember to go to our ‘QMplus for Students’ course to learn everything you need to know about QMplus as a new student! There is a permanent link to the course in the footer of QMplus.


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