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Articulate is a web-based application that provides a really simple way to produce e-learning content with a very professional look and feel. Products in the suite include Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise and Articulate Studio.

Creating content is extremely straightforward and does not require any kind of specialist web development knowledge. This Introduction to Box of Broadcasts course shows an example of the type of content that can be constructed using Articulate Rise. This was put together in a morning.

More examples of the possibilities can be found on the Articulate website. Search for Rise on the page. Find out if you’re prepared for a hurricane or work as an investigator to find out what’s making everyone ill.

How are Articulate courses published?

  1. On the Articulate website – simply circulate a link to your course and others will be able to view it. They do not need an account. The Box of Broadcasts course above is hosted on the Articulate Rise website.
  2. On a website – your content can be exported in a web only format which can then be uploaded to a standard website
  3. In an online learning environment – export in a format called SCORM which will allow you to publish it in any SCORM compliant learning management system. QMplus is SCORM compliant so you can publish your rise in your QMplus area.

How do I get hold of a copy of Articulate?

The Technology Enhanced Learning Team has 5 licenses for Articulate Rise which we are able to loan out for a limited period of time.

Our licenses are available for short projects or familiarisation of the software and are not available for long term projects or permanent use. We recommend purchasing your own individual or team licenses if Articulate will be required for a longer period of time

If you’re interested in trying the software, please  contact us at We will assign licenses on a timed basis, a month in the first instance, with the ability to renew up to a maximum of 3 months, if the license isn’t required by anyone else. 

Access to a license is given to an individual (via a QM email address), who can use the software on their personal device (this requires a free download of the software, and may require assistance from ITS if the device is managed).

Note that you only need a license to access the editing tools to create content. Accounts are not required for viewing and any content you publish on the website is still available even if you don’t have a license.

Where can I find out more?

More information about Articulate can be found on:

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