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QEngage, QMplus and Learner Analytics

If you plan to use QEngage to understand and utilise your learners engagement and interaction, there are a number of things you can do in QMplus to get the best out of it. If you are new to this then you should first refer to the Queen Mary Academy Learning Analytics webpage in order to understand what it is and why you might find it useful.

QMplus Assignments

Add the full title when setting up assignments, if you would like to view meaningful information in QEngage and in order to enable the accurate reporting of assignment submission QEngage, it is essential that strict numbering conventions are observed for both on-time and late assignment submission, and associates and non-associates submission points in QMPlus.

Add the module code in the ID field (within common module settings) while setting up assignments. Here is the link to the guide (step 9 explains how to populate the ID field).

QMplus Quizzes

Use QMPlus Quizzes not H5P or other activities such as SCORM if you would like to see student participation in QEngage. Please add the full title (not just a short title) when setting up quizzes, if you would like to view meaningful information.


Move/store videos and recordings to QMplus Media (Kaltura) and make them available via QMplus. Don’t leave them on Zoom (QMplus media is integrated with Zoom, so all Cloud recordings are automatically transferred to your QMplus account) or Teams. You can also manually upload videos to QMplus Media using this guide –



Make your Q-Review recordings available via QMplus (not via public links, emails, or embedding them on a website)

The Technology Enhanced Learning Team also runs a session on ‘Analytics on Student Engagement through QMplus’. In this one-hour session we explore some of the existing reporting options within QMplus to understand how students are engaging with learning materials and also learn some tips on how to make modules more interactive and engaging.

We particularly look at tools such as Insight, Reports and Logs, Module Statistics, Activity Overview, Checklist, and QMplus Media video views.

We are currently running this session only if we get a request from a school or a small group of users but you can explore all these and more by either watching the recording of one of our sessions or following our guides. A recording from the session available here,  you can have a look at the links below, read the description and follow step-by-step process.

Any questions or doubts, attend our drop-in session on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13:00 – 14:00 by going to this QMplus area. You can also book a session with us to discuss your pedagogical ideas using this link.

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