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Q-Review information for students

What is this page about? Why should I read this page?

This page contains essential information for students in Science and Engineering about the way in which recordings of your lectures will be made available to you through the Q-Review service within QMplus. If you are a student in Science and Engineering, all teaching occurring in Q-Review enabled rooms will be automatically recorded and distributed to you in QMplus via the Q-Review tool. If your teachers are already using Q-Review then there will no be change. This change will occur in January 2016.

1. What is Q-Review?

Q-Review (QMUL’s lecture capture system) contributes to your learning experience through the provision of lecture recordings for review and revision, it also provides accessible versions of live lectures, particularly important for disabled students.

Q-Review can be used to capture a live lecture, or to record additional teaching material that is not being delivered live or in a Q-Review classroom. In general, access to recorded lectures has little to no effect on student attendance at live lectures (see Karnad, A. 2013: Student Use of Recorded LecturesA report reviewing recent research into the use of lecture capture technology in higher education, and its impact on teaching methods and attendance).

2. How can I access the recordings for my lectures?

To access your recording you will need to log in to QMplus and then do one of the following depending on your set-up:

  1. click on the Q-Review tool which is normally at the top of the QMplus course page.
  2. click on a link that may have been emailed to you or posted onto your QMplus module area.
  3. play your recording which may have been embedded within your QMplus module area.

If the tool/link or embedded video does not appear on your QMplus module page, contact your teacher as they may have decided not to record their lectures or removed the Q-Review tool.

4. Will my classes be captured?

If your lectures are in a Q-Review enabled room your lectures will be captured. However your teacher may choose to record some lectures and not to record them all as they might involve discussion, practical work or confidential information which they either do not want recorded or which do not record well.

5. What do I do if I can’t see the recordings?

In these cases contact your course teacher. Your teacher may have made them unavailable as they would like to edit the lecture or release them at a future date (before exams or before tutorials etc). Another reason may be that your teacher may have opted out of recording lectures.

6. Will I be captured in the recording?

The video camera is not set up to capture the audience faces. It may be possible to capture the back of heads for those sitting in the front of the class as well as voices.

7. I am a student in China, do these changes apply to me?

Sorry, this change does not apply to students studying in China or teaching situations where lecture capture is currently not available.

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