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QMplus is governed and owned by the E-Learning Unit but is maintained and updated by  IT Services. All decisions, policies and guidelines are managed by the E-Learning Unit. QMplus upgrades and development are also authorised by the E-Learning Unit, but the work and management of this is carried out by the IT Services team. Updates and maintenance are usually scheduled to take place during the systems at-risk period (Tuesday mornings from 7-9am)

QMplus is accessible to all QMUL staff and students who have a QMUL IMAP username and password. However, there are occasions when non-QMUL users will be able to access content within QMplus; this is usually done on a course by course basis and decided on by the course leader. Some examples of this would be if the course leader decides to allow guest access on the course area (this can be done with or without a password) or if the course leader has requested for an affiliate user to gain access to the course (for instance, to give access to an external examiner).

More detailed guidance on Policy and Procedures for using QMplus can be found under the ‘Site Policies and Guidelines‘ link (also located at the bottom right of QMplus pages).

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