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Design and Build

This guide covers:

Designing and Building your QMplus module page

        1. Design and Build your QMplus Site
        2. First steps / Basics
        3. Format
        4. Topic/Sections
        5. Tabs

Adding Content to your QMplus module page

          1. Blocks
          2. Files
          3. URL/Link
          4. Calendar/Scheduler/Checklist
          5. Page/Book/Label
          6. Images /Gallery/ H5P
          7. H5P

The QMplus Home page

              1. Landing / Homepage
              2. Workshop/Database/Glossary

Design and Build your QMplus Site

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A major advantage of QMplus / Moodle is that it can be customized and personalized.   It is recommended that you contact your local School e-learning / digital specialist to confirm if there are guidelines to follow.

First steps / Basics

We have created a useful guide which is a great starting point for beginners or those who would like a refresher.

Building your QMplus module area – the basics 


A course format refers to the layout of a course and it can make a huge impact on the course appearance.


Topics allow the course to be divided into sections to organize resources and activities for students.


Tabs can be a useful way of dividing content in a course site. Please see below links to useful guides:


There are a number of standard blocks available these include calendar, upcoming events and navigation blocks.


There is an inbuilt activity within Moodle called the “Files.” It is the place to upload files you wish to make available to students such as PDF, Word documents, presentations.


Staff can use the inbuilt QMplus URL activity to provide students with useful weblinks.


Three practical activities we recommend you explore within QMplus sites  are:

1) Calendars these can be added as a block, they enable you to display important events as well as assignment / quiz deadlines.

2) Scheduler this allows staff to schedule one to one appointments with students.

3) Checklist is an activity which allow students or staff to check off items on the course as they are completed.


There are a number of interesting methods of displaying content you have created:

1)  Page This creates a link to a screen where content can be added.

2) Books staff can create a multi-page resource with a book like format and table of contents.

3) Label serves as a spacer on a course page it can include text or images.

Images /Gallery

Images and pictures can help convey meaning and have a positive impact on the user experience of a course.


H5P enables staff to create interesting and interactive content including videos, quizzes and presentations.

Landing / Homepage

The landing / home page is the site that QMplus makes available to you after you log in and is where you are taken if you click on the QMplus logo.


There are a number of useful activities available including:

1)  Workshop a powerful peer assessment activity.

2) Database allows staff and/or students to build, display and search a bank of records about any topic.

3)  Glossary allows participants to create a maintain a list of definitions like a dictionary.

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