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In order to keep an up-to-date system and to enhance functionality within the learning environment, we must regularly maintain and upgrade QMplus. Newer versions bring richer features, more reliability and a better user experience.

We upgrade QMplus every summer, usually in July, after the University’s official examination period, and before the start of the next timetabled academic year for the majority of schools.

There are also several scheduled updates released to QMplus, in addition to the summer annual upgrade. Normally these occur during the following months:

  1. Annual Upgrade – July
  2. Post upgrade release – August or September
  3. Winter release – December or January
  4. Easter release – March or April

On rare occasions we may need to make an emergency update to QMplus outside of these scheduled times (to fix a bug or known issue), and these will be advertised 2 weeks in advance (when possible) on the QMplus homepage.

For details about a particular annual upgrade, please visit the relevant page below.


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