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Upgrades and Releases

In order to keep an up-to-date, secure system and to enhance functionality within the learning environment, we must regularly maintain and upgrade QMplus. Newer versions bring richer features, more reliability and a better user experience. Things that we need to do are:

  • Apply security patches to keep the system stable and secure
  • Update any third party plugins we use as new versions become available. These new versions not only bring new features but fix bugs and keep things secure
  • Make our own in-house custom developments available.
  • Upgrade the whole system to a new version of Moodle

Since our move to a new host in September 2021, the way we maintain QMplus has changed.

  • We no longer have a fixed number of scheduled releases per year, instead we aim to make small updates to QMplus on a regular basis
  • We have a scheduled at risk period which is 9 to 11 pm on Tuesdays – we aim to do all updates to the system during this time and to keep the amount of time QMplus is unavailable to a minimum. Smaller more regular updates make this easier.
  • We do still need to update QMplus occasionally. However, as we are performing regular small updates, even an upgrade will be a less disruptive process than in previous years. We will not necessarily upgrade QMplus every year, for instance we will not be upgrading QMplus in the summer of 2022.

With this change, we hope not only to keep the system up to date but to be able to make custom developments and fixes available more quickly than in previous years.

Release Notes

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