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Getting Around

Getting Around


 It can sometimes be a challenge to navigate QMplus therefore we have created a range of internal guidance as well as gathering external resources to make it easier.  

Why QMplus

QMplus is our virtual learning environment (VLE) or Learning Management System (LMS) it is built on Moodle.

Get a QMplus Account

If you do not have a QMplus account please contact your school E-learning / Digital specialists. Alternatively you can raise a ticket with the IT Helpdesk by emailing

Logging into QMplus and Passwords

  We have created a range of useful information to assist with log in difficulties.

Mobile / Personal Device

Many users wish to access QMplus on their mobile or a personal tablet, laptop or computer.

Personalizing Info

You have the ability to update your profile /preferences and we encourage you to do so. Please follow the links below to guides: 

QMplus Key Areas

There are several key areas in QMplus which we would like to make you aware of:

  1. Course area   is a QMplus or Moodle site for example for a module.  features in a course area.

2. Landing/ Home Page is the page that QMplus makes available to you after you log in.

3.My modules

“My Modules” in QMplus refers to the modules that you are enrolled / have access to.

Student Support

We also provide advice and support to students.

Activities to explore

Here are three interesting activities we recommend you explore:

1. Booking marking and To Do list

You can bookmark activities/resources on QMplus pages using the bookmarking tool. 

2. Activities Calendar

The activities calendar allows you to create reports on different activities across your courses in order for you to plan your student/staff workload better.

3. PowerPoint files

You can find out how to print PowerPoint files here:

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