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April 2021 updates and QMplus known issues

The following are known QMplus issues and requests which are being worked on for the next release cycle, currently being scheduled for 20 April 2021 – 9-11pm.

April Updates

  1. Group posts on forums
    Issue: In some cases users can click through on the forum group posts and see participant details (such as their names and group membership)
    Status: Student permission changes.
    Internal reference:
  2. Timetable widget 
    Status: Timetable widget to be updated for students
    Internal reference:
  3. Assignment badges:
    Issue: Badges that provide information under assignments do not show the correct number of submissions due when group submissions settings are in use.
    Status:  April release.
    Internal reference:
  4. Collapsible Topics
    Issue: A recurrence of the issue where collapsed topics are not retained.
    Status: April release
    Internal reference: 
  5. Activity Calendar buttons 
    Issue: The ‘Print list’ button and the ‘Export list to CSV file’ buttons do not work.
    Status: April release
    Internal reference: 
  6. Update Turnitin Plugin to latest version
    Issue: Advised by TII rep to update plugin to latest version to be fully supported.
    Internal Reference:

Other Requests

  1. Add .R as a submission file type for assignments
    Internal reference:
  2. Change the default setting for topics to be collapsed by default
    Internal reference: 
  3. Develop an option to override the site wide default setting to collapse or open topics by default
    Internal reference:
  4. Reinstate Echo360 icon in atto text editor
    Internal reference:
  5. Blackboard Collaborate permissions change to allow Super Admins the ability to launch Collaborate sessions without the need for switching role.

Other known issues and requests
(not currently stated for the April release)

We are aware of the following issues and requests but we cannot guarantee that an update will be ready in time for the April release. The issue will therefore be rolled over to a future QMplus update.

  1. Sharing Cart
    Issue: Unable to copy an entire topic (not consistent)
    Status: This is being investigated (please note, the Sharing Cart is an external plugin and updates may be dependent on external developers)
    Internal Reference: and
  2. Merge user plugin
    Issue: Merge user plugin currently does not work
    Status: Plugin maintainer contacted to update plugin. Investigation around whether this can be developed in house.
    Internal Reference:
  3. Incorrect logo for .ipynb file type
  4. Numbers list
    Issue: The numbered list breaks when the list is greater than 9 in the label resource.
    Status: Passed to theme developers to work on for the next release
    Internal reference: 
  5. Missing ‘close’ button
    Issue: The close button image is missing from the ‘Grid’ format
    Status: Passed to theme developers to work on for the April release
    Internal reference: 
  6. Add MS login as an alternative login option (update the manual login page to include this login option).
    Internal reference: 
  7. QMplus grades made available in Mahara
    Internal Reference:
  8. Download feedback and comments in bulk
    Issue: Development request to be able to download students feedback in bulk (across all modules for a specific student)
    Status: Currently being looked at.
    Internal Reference:
  9. Default landing page
    Issue: Currently students who are not attached to a school landing page are automatically assigned to the SEF landing page. This should be updated so they land on the standard default landing page.
    Status: being looked at for next release.
    Internal Reference:
  10. Assignments showing as late when not late
    Issue: An issue was resolved in December release where the due date had not passed but the assignment was showing as late. However if teacher has added a ‘late submissions’ date that falls after the ‘due date’ then the assignment will show as late if the due date has passed but the late submissions date hasn’t passed. This needs to be updated.
    Status: Being worked on for the April release.
    Internal reference: 


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