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2024 QMplus Upgrade

The 2024 QMplus upgrade will take place on Tuesday 16th July.

QMplus will be unavailable all day. The QMplus archive sites will be available, including the new 2023/24 archive.

The 2018/19 QMplus archive will no longer be available after the 1st June 2024.

On this page you will find important information about this year’s QMplus upgrade.

Why are we upgrading?

Upgrading QMplus brings a variety of benefits including bug fixes, new features and performance improvements.

This year’s upgrade is far less involved than last year’s with fewer visible changes to the look and feel of QMplus.

There are still some user interface changes which we hope will make working with QMplus easier. You will find details of these elsewhere on this page.

What version of Moodle are we upgrading to?

QMplus is our name for Moodle. We are moving from Moodle 4.1 to Moodle 4.3.

When is this happening?

We’ll be upgrading QMplus on Tuesday 16th July 2024.

QMplus will be unavailable for the whole day i.e. from Tuesday 16th July, 12am (midnight) to Wednesday 17th July, 12am (midnight).

Will the QMplus archives be available on the day of the upgrade?

Yes. The QMplus archives, including the 2023/24 archive will be available on the day of the upgrade. They are unaffected.

However, as QMplus will be unavailable, you won’t be able to use the links to the archive that are in the QMplus footer. You will have to use the archive index page on

Please also note:

  • The QMplus snapshot will be taken on Tuesday 9th July and the 2023/24 archive will be available on Tuesday 16th July.
  • If you are accessing archives older than 2023/24 you will need to be on campus or using AppsAnywhere or a VPN.
  • As we only keep QMplus archives going back 5 years, the 2018/19 archive will no longer be unavailable after the 1st of June 2024.

Will I have to redesign my module areas?

No. Our main priority is to perform the upgrade with as little disruption as possible. We aim to keep any work staff have to do for the upgrade to a minimum. You should only have to do the usual amount of work expected to prepare your module(s) for the next academic year.

Do I have to wait till after the upgrade day to start working on my modules?

No, you can start updating your modules now. Just make your updates as you normally would on QMplus. All your changes will be there after the upgrade. If you wait till after the upgrade you will benefit from some of the new features which making editing QMplus areas easier.

If you have questions about getting 2024/25 versions of your modules created on QMplus, please speak to your local QMplus contact. Responsibility for rolling over modules usually lies with Schools and Departments.

If you don’t have a local contact, please raise a ticket on the ServiceDesk and a member of the TELT will help.

Will we be losing any functionality?

We are currently not aware of any functionality which will not be available after the upgrade.

However, we do have a large number of plugins on QMplus and as we go through our testing, there is always the possibility that we find an issue. If this will lead to a loss of functionality, we will communicate with users as soon as possible.

What new features are coming?

These are a few of the new (or improved) features coming in the upgrade:

  • Editing:
    • Add a resource or activity anywhere, without having to add it at the bottom and then move it up
    • Quickly duplicate a whole topic
    • Quick access to functions such as making resources, activities and topics hidden or unhidden or setting group mode
    • A collapse/expand all feature in the module index.
    • Improved interface for setting up activity completion conditions
  • Gradebook improvements:
    • Ability to search in the Gradebook
    • Collapsible columns in the grader report
    • Collapsible categories in the gradebook setup
  • Plugin improvements:
    • An update to the Quickmail block allowing you to send emails and messages to students
    • An updated Mass Actions block, working with the new bulk editing mode to provide access to performing actions on multiple items at once.

What about rollover?

We will take a snapshot of QMplus on Tuesday July 9th. This will become the QMplus 2023/24 archive which will become available on Tuesday 16th July. You can begin your rollover processes after this.

Please contact your local QMplus support if you have any questions about the rollover process in your part of the University.

If you do not have local QMplus support staff, please raise a ticket on the ServiceDesk and the TELT support team will assist you.

I still have a question, who should I contact?

Your local QMplus support contact is the best place to start if you have any questions or concerns.

You can also get help through the following:

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