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What does a course area on QMplus look like?

QMplus is the online learning environment for Queen Mary University students and teachers. This guide shows what a typical QMplus page looks like and the common features which you are likely to find.

Below is an example of a typical QMplus course page, with some of the commonly found ‘blocks’, activities and resources.

  1. You will see these options at the top of every page.
    • Notifications – used to check and read your notifications
    • Messages – used to check and read your messages
    • Activity to do list – used to check your to do list
    • Profile – links to profile, timetable, Gradesplus, My Media, My Files, QMplus Hub, and log out button
  2. Course title – The course title is always displayed here.
  3. Module Info block – This block gives details of the course, the teacher and their contact details as well as a link to the timetable.
  4. Assessment Information area – Shown in full below.
  5. Module Announcements – Any announcements for your course will be shown here.
  6. Q-Review Lecture Recordings – This maybe present on your QMplus page, if it is, then it links to a portal in which you can view any lecture recordings for the course.
  7. Scheduler – This may be present, if it is, it links to a booking system for you to schedule meetings with your teachers.
  8. Course section – In this section, you may find activities and resources for the course.
  9. Settings – By clicking this cog, you can access your grades and gradesplus.


Assessment Information area – This is divided into two sections:

  • Assessment overview – Here you will find links to assessment resources, such as past exam papers and documents detailing the assessment criteria.
  • Submit Assignments – Here you will find links to the assignment and quizzes which you will need to complete/submit.
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