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Use logical topic names

Whatever course format you are using, you use topics to order your content. You can create as many topics as you like and call them whatever you like. The most common way of structuring content is by teaching week however you can use whatever structure makes sense for your teaching context and most importantly, what you think will be clearest for your students.

If the topic relates to a week of teaching, it is useful to provide the week number as well as a title for the content being covered that week.


Here is an example (based on Managerial Accounting BUS028) of a module that is taught over twelve weeks where each week includes readings lecture notes, formative assessment and lecture recordings:

Here is an example of an activity based module where there are very few lectures that does not necessarily include weekly activities:

The last example (based on Year 1 Brain and Behaviour – Undergraduate Medicine) contains topic-based sections:

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