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Provide core module information

It is important that all QMplus modules provide basic information about the module in an easy to find format so that students know who is teaching them, how they can contact the relevant teaching staff to meet with them if they need to, when and where the module is taught and what the overall aims and objectives of the module are.

Core information includes:

  1. Module name, code, credit value
  2. Name and contact details of the module lead. Details of other staff as appropriate this might include co-conveners, teaching assistants or administrative staff.
  3. Office hours, i.e. availability for students, of all staff teaching on the module
  4. Details of the teaching schedule for the module e.g. a link to the module timetable, any extra sessions such as seminars, or labs.
  5. Information about the module aims and learning outcomes

The module information block

At QMUL we have developed a block which can be used in any QMplus area to make it easy for staff to provide this core information in a consistent way. The block connects with our central systems and provides information automatically wherever possible to avoid duplication of effort. If your module is a standard taught module then much of this information will appear for you automatically.

Teaching contexts obviously differ so the block is also customisable in a variety of ways to meet local needs.

Learn how to configure the module information block in your own QMplus area.

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