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Use templates

Many Schools have an agreed template that is used as the basis for all new modules. When requesting a new QMplus area please ask for the module to be based on your school template. If you are unsure what the template looks like then talk to your local Learning Technologist or School e-learning administrator.

Course formats

In QMplus the course format refers to the layout of your module area. The layout for your module may be determined by a template that has been agreed upon at School or Faculty level so there may be elements that you should not change. However, you still have a good degree of flexibility in how you design your QMplus area. The layout that fits best is the one that fits best for your teaching needs.

There are 5 course formats available in QMplus:

  • Grid ( QMUL) – this allows you to provide a more graphical representation of your topics. Again it will work if you have a small number of topics. There are some accessibility issues that you should be aware of if you use this format and you will find more information on this in our course format user guide.
  • Topics (QMUL) – this is the most commonly used format and the one that we recommend for most needs. Most School/Institute templates use this format
  • Weeks (QMUL) – The topics in the module area are named with dates.
  • Single activity format – The single activity format only has 1 section, and allows the teacher to add one activity only to the course. When the single activity format is selected, a drop down menu appears for the teacher to choose the activity they wish to use.
  • Topics activity cards format – this is a special format that is used for school and programme landing pages. It should not be used for module pages

These are all selectable in the settings for your module under the heading course format.

You can find out more about course formats in this guide: Changing the look of your course with formats (Moodle Doc)

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