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Set expectations

Even though we have defined baseline standards it is still important that you explain to your students how you are going to be using QMplus and its related tools in your teaching so that students clearly understand:

  1. What is expected of them in terms of behaviour online, sticking to deadlines, checking for updates etc
  2. How you are organising your module – where you put things, how you structure your QMplus module area and why, where they can get ALL the information they need to do well!
  3. Why you may or may not be choosing to use various tools and capabilities e.g. Are your lectures available immediately on Q-Review, if not why not? Are you using Turnitin to check for plagiarism? If so, what might your students need to know about that?

Make it feel like QMplus is an important part of your teaching, something that you will be using to help students get the best out of taking your module. Don’t make it feel like QMplus is something that happens “over there“.

How are you expecting to use QMplus in your teaching? Will you be using it to:

  • provide digital resources to supplement your face-to-face teaching ?
  • provide activities for your students to do before or after they come to lectures,seminars, labs or workshops?
  • Will you expect your students to check QMplus on a regular basis for new content or tasks? If so how often?
  • How will you be using QMplus to communicate with your students? Will you be using the news and announcements area? What will you use it for?
  • Do your students have a place they can communicate with each other on QMplus? If so, is there a code of conduct?
  • If students are using QMplus forums, how often can they expect their teachers to interact in the forums?
  • How can students provide feedback if they can’t find something, something doesn’t work or they’d like to have additional materials?

All of this kind of information might be available for your entire programme or it might be something you choose to explain to students face-to-face.

You could add it to a book or a page and link to it from every module or you may choose to link to it from your School landing page.

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